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My career has been about exploring as many angles of design as possible by working across different business sectors and with different creative teams.

My proudest work has been in coaching designers and building design teams. I have been blessed to be able to hire and work with many creative folks from diverse backgrounds.

My focus of work has been on

      • Product Design
      • User Experience
      • Content, Brand, and Identity
      • Research & Strategy
      • Design Operations and Systems

Interaction Design

As a design leader I have focused on complex applications, working with multi-disciplinary teams. I have conducted design research efforts, facilitated creative workshops, and helped ship digital products.

Cisco Security

Lead product design and design ops from acquisition into enterprise — Helped scale the team from 20 to 50 team members. Established new design futures process and brought in new capabilities such as content design, accessibility, and program management.

General Electric

Healthcare: Lead software design for field engineers, sales teams, and manufacturing/supply chain. Returned in 2022 to lead design strategy across ecommerce and customer retention.

Financial: Mobile and Software design to help internal teams and customers get a view into financial data.

Fleet Management: Worked with a cross-functional team to build a location based tool to manage fuel efficiency for fleets of vehicles.

Aviation: Designed and lead software design for shop floor issue tracking, WIP and workflow management.

Creative Direction

Merging values and mission with visual aesthetics and an amazing experience can lift a business above thier competition and differentiate them in the market.

Partnering with Area87, a boutique design studio, we provide design consultation, creative concepts and excecute product design for:

- Healthcare Analytics, Operations, and Strategy
- B2B staffing and recruiting
- E-commerce
- Financial entrpreneurs
- Blockchain Infrastructure

Advertising and PromotionsAs an art director I worked with clients, writers, and photographers to bring visual concepts to production and into digital and in-store advertising.

Clients included

- Baxter Intl. (instructional video and online content)
- Abbot Labs (Online content, mobile and web applications)
- US Postal Service (Retail and promotional signage, photo shoots)
- Procter & Gamble (DTC and retail marketing and promo)

Ivo Gasparotto
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Systems design & Data Visualization

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“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.” B. FULLER