Branding in the cannabis world

The world of cannabis is changing. Businesses are blooming and its a fun and growing space for design. Unfortunately much of the branding is copy-cat and uninspired. We have taken a different approach


Current branding in the cannabis space, with a few exceptions, is juvenile and still harkens back to past sterotypes of psychedelia or mischief. We approach branding in this space by identifying the unique aspects of the company or product.

We ask ourselves and our clients how can we stand out based on our values, as opposed to chasing trends?

Backyard, Concept brand

Represent the culture 

Even when we work to differentiate and avoid stereotypes we can still connect with a special and diverse community of buyers and enthusiasts. We look at locality as a way to identify brand qualities, but also, look for cultural reference points that creates a “if you know, you know” sort of vibe. 

Cherry, Concept work for a Detroit based grower and distributor

Erase the stigma

Cannabis in the United States has continuously grown in acceptance as a way to heal the body and mind. Adults have new choices in mental health and self care. We want to acknowledge that and eleveate the message and push it forward to reduce the negativity of past oppressive laws and ignorance.

Halfbaked Housewives, Concept work for a passionate online commuity 

“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.” B. FULLER