GE Healthcare: Design Strategy

Focus on customers and their equipment

I worked with the CX team to develop a new future-focused design strategy. We explored how to recenter the customer experience around a focus on the equipment, whether they own it, or are looking to buy.

This shifted the product future from one locked in organizational siloes to a customer+equipment focused experience for shopping and lifecycle management.

Principal design strategist

3 to 5 year future design strategy, prototypes, and final dev-ready design

Design methods

Strategic foresight helped us identify future disruptions and better plan for the nearterm.

  • Horizon scanning
  • Scenario-building
  • Speculative design

Iterative design and creative collaboration helped us learn from customers and experts.

  • Design concepts
  • Workshop facilitation
Design visuals and prototypes enabled us to share a story across the organization.

  • High-fidelity design
  • Narrative-based prototyping

Equipment centered strategy

The equipment serves as an anchor point that is familiar to customers.

The equipment itself has a wealth of information that supports customer needs: Parts list, manual, unique ID, history, health...

The strategy becomes to create experiences that connect the known equipment with the desired customer action.

Customer support was an unmet need for existing customers. We used our strategy to design a new experience. 

Post-purchase support was difficult for customers to find. We created a new experience that built off of the equipment as a central focus.

Customers use the unique equipment ID to directly access service, manuals, and other support content specific to them.

Socialized the new strategy through high-fidelity prototypes and a story-based narrative.

We assembled a series of prototypes that stitched together key customer experiences.

Each user action is connected and extends from purchasing equipment to maintaining it through it’s lifecycle.

“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.” B. FULLER