SweetPea: Product Design

Enabling a start up to scale on a foundation of trust

Our client, a solopreneur health coach, had a good process for supporting and communicating with their clients, but needed a way to scale a highly personal and relationship-based business.

Our objective became to merge in-synch consultation with asynchronous chat and embed simple workflow management into a mobile application.

Design and interaction lead
with Area87

Product design concepts, application architecture, interactive prototype, high-fidelity design

Design methods

We spent two co-working sessions to document the Sweet Pea communication flows.
We structured the product based on the current process and client behaviors.
The hi-fidelity prototype demonstrated the potential value of the product to investors.

The product strategy

Augment SweetPea’s human-focused business with a mobile application that extends the conversation between coach and client. 

We wanted to make sure to maintain this basis of trust and enhance it. By adding an asynchronous digital channel, it expanded the coaching experience, without replacing the human connection.


Maintained trust
Created distinct voices in the app and made it clear who is speaking (Client, coach, system.)

Reduced friction and overhead
Stripped down the app architecture to two categories: Chat and Steps. 

Added automation to scale business
Establish design patterns that automate workflows and nudge clients and coaches to engage.

“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.” B. FULLER